Milestone: 16 - Librecast Router Daemon

We now have our own from-scratch IPv6 Multicast Router Daemon (lcroute). This is one of the fundamental building blocks for the Librecast Project. This work helps to build the federation of Librecast LIVE servers.

With lcroute and lctunnel combined, we can connect IPv6 multicast networks and route traffic, even through NAT and over IPv4 networks.

lcroute is an IPV6 (only) multicast router. It manages the kernel multicast routing tables. It is being developed to support the Librecast Project's R&D projects as part of the NGI Zero (Next Generation Internet) Programme.

lcroute is not fully RFC-compliant for PIM or MLDv2, and there is no intention to support MLDv1, or any form of IPv4 multicast. lcroute exists purely so we can experiment with multicast routing as part of our development work.

Code is here.