Librecast LIVE!

Librecast LIVE brings together many of our Librecast projects into a single unified application which demonstrates the benefits of multicast in a single package.

librestack  + librecast  + lcsync  = Librecast LIVE

Using the Librecast multicast libraries, WebRTC and the W3C-approved ActivityPub protocol we are building a live streaming video service similar to This will be a complement to the existing decentralised Mastodon and Peertube projects, and will integrate with these services using ActivePub. By doing so we can bring live video streaming services to these existing decentralised userbases and demonstrate the power of multicast at the same time. Users will be able to chat and comment in realtime during streaming (similar to YouTube live streaming). This fills an important gap in the Open Source decentralised space.

All video and chat messages will be (of course) transmitted over encrypted channels.